• 1. Is this a recurring payment or one-time payment?

    This is a ONE-TIME payment for LIFETIME ACCESS. You can't beat that! :)

  • When does the course start and finish?

    LIFETIME ACCESS! There is no hard start and stop. This is your UNLIMITED tool box to begin incorporating these exercises into your everyday life! I will be teaching you how to incorporate them into your day so that it takes just minutes a day to increase mobility and strength throughout your entire body

  • Who is this for?

    This program is for everyone! If you have a body and you're looking to feel better in it...THIS IS FOR YOU! Whether you are avid in yoga, soccer, football, basketball, skateboarding, etc, etc or a professional couch potatoe ...If you want to be stronger, feel better and move freely without pain...THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

  • Where can I do CORECONNECT?

    EVERYWHERE! Whether you are waiting in line at the grocery store, watching TV, at the airport, at the beach, or by a pool, your practice can become a staple in your life every minute of every hour of every day, any place, any where.